Some testimonials from people who have contacted me

I started seeing Sara in Summer 2020. My anxiety was at an all time high due to COVID-19 among other things. While I initially started talking to Sara for a very specific issue I was having, she ultimately was able to address all my anxieties with her techniques and tricks 🙂
Since speaking with Sara, my overall wellbeing and happiness has been at an all-time high and my family/friends have noticed a positive change in my morale and attitude. As someone who was always on edge and refused to admit I was anxious, Sara has helped me to learn to let go and be relaxed. I find myself practicing what she preaches in situations of uncertainty and anxiety, helping me get over my fear / anxiousness. Every time I speak with
Sara it’s like we’re picking up right where we left off. Given I’m based in the United States, she is always beyond accommodating of the time difference and is willing to be flexible to best fit my needs. While my so-called issue has resolved, I will continue speaking with Sara regularly as she is someone that has brought happiness, tranquility, and amazing advice to my life. Grazie Sara!

I recommend Sara because immediately from the first meeting she makes you feel good by understanding the problem and showing her experience in her work. Thanks Sara!

When you leave Sara’s studio you are at peace with yourself and with the world. As I always say
“You would use a pocket-sized Sara to pull out when needed, to put everything back in order”;

Sara organized mindfulness meditation group sessions via Zoom. We were all very satisfied.

Sara is empathetic, kind, calm. You almost seem to meet a friend from the first meeting. In her I found the professional help I needed to overcome a dark period. Encounters with her are super recommended from me.

A Professional. She helped me to overcome a problem I had for years, she has always accepted and understood me.

In Sara I found professionalism, extreme competence, empathy. A person who listened to me and who provided me with the tools to overcome my difficulties. Starting this journey with her is a choice that I would make a thousand times over because the quality of my life has definitely improved. Anyone who needs it, don’t hesitate to contact her, my only regret is not having done it earlier!

The best therapist ever, precise, serious, prepared, she immediately hit the problem and found the solution, polite, punctual and helpful, she helped me step by step to find myself, I highly recommend her, I can only thank Sara for the excellent work done.

Excellent approach and availability, easy to talk to and understanding.

Sara is a competent and professional Doctor, a welcoming, kind and empathetic person who knows how to listen and advise. I started my journey with her a few months ago and I’m very happy I did it. In my personal case, she helped me to unblock myself and be more serene, to do things for me and not for the anxiety they create in me. She’s of great, great help and more than recommended.

Sara is a wonderful person, she immediately puts you at ease and you can open up to her and speak like a raging river in tranquility and harmony. She has helped me and still she is helping me to overcome the limits that stand in my way and consequently also in my love story. In her, I found the security I needed to keep from sinking and the right way to make myself respected. To anyone who has a problem, I highly recommend starting a journey with her, without shame or fear. If I had known her earlier, I would have been done with my issue already! To me she is like
the friend you dream of as a child, who you know always says the right thing when you need it!

Sara helped me get through a bit of a difficult time. Her strategy for dealing with pain has been very helpful and she will certainly help me in the future as well.

Sara is a punctual, polite, precise and empathetic person. She is trying to help me deal with a sudden grief that is too bad for me. She is a professional who enters people’s souls and does not make you feel alone in the abyss of pain. She accompanies you gently and patiently towards the light. When I leave our sessions, I feel like I have returned from a trip. Sara is my guide. Her most useful advice for my whole life is not to drown in my inner world…

Doctor Sara was recommended to me by a colleague of hers who was counseling me and who was forced to take a break for his health issues. Sara knew how to put me at ease right away and she listened to me to understand my problem. She has always been kind and helpful but above all understanding and empathetic also because of my health problems.
Now I am able to manage my anxiety much better and, once the health problems that generated it have been resolved, I will be able to return to having a normal life. Thank you.

Great professional, very kind and friendly. She always knows how to make you feel comfortable.
She has helped me to overcome many fears and anxieties in my psychotherapy path and has given me tools to manage them independently if they arise. I also improved the relationship and interactions with my parents, the first reason why I seeked her help. Since I went to her studio my life has changed for the better and I will never know how to thank her enough.

“Come at 13.30, I give up my lunch break, the health of my patients comes before anything else”. This was my first encounter with Sara. In a moment of life characterized by strong anxiety, sadness and lack of strength, she was the person who most helped me to look at things in a different perspective. Once the problem was identified, she provided me with all the means and techniques for achieving personal well-being. Getting up in the morning and not recognizing yourself is the worst thing that can happen to each of us. Sara with a lot of patience, professionalism, sweetness and availability managed to put me on track. It was my first experience, but it turned out to be absolutely necessary. Never give up, you would risk doing it an hour before the miracle [cit.]
Thank you.

I met Sara a year and a half ago right through … it was the first time I entrusted myself to a psychologist and I thank every single day for doing it. I went to Sara’s and I was completely disoriented, I didn’t know who I was anymore and the person I had become I didn’t like at all. Now I see myself as the person I used to be happy carefree and always with a smile on my lips. In addition to being a great professional, Sara is a loving person and with her sweetness she helps you find happiness.

Sara helped me in a very delicate moment for me. In a short time, I was able, thanks to her help, to get out of a situation that was destroying me and that I believed to be without solution. I never thought I’d be able to feel so good again, the tools I was given allowed me to solve that problem that was choking me and, most importantly, they taught me to face situations in another way. I will certainly treasure it for the future as well. I recommend Sara because she is good, professional, kind and down-to-earth. I will never stop thanking her !!!

In a delicate moment, when the weight of so many difficult choices threatened to crush me, this fantastic professional gave me the means to make my life better, to feel better and more confident.
Really great service, always welcoming and punctual. It was a positive experience from all points of view. I highly recommend it.

Great professional and wonderful person! Thanks to her professionalism and her therapy she managed to make me overcome and defeat my problem. I am deeply grateful to her because she has always made me feel comfortable and she has never made me feel wrong. She always motivated me and encouraged me to do the exercises she gave me and even when these seemed difficult, she was always ready to help and encourage me. I highly recommend her
because she is a great professional!

Sara is a great strategic therapy professional. She is a very honest person and in love with her work. Always punctual and flexible. A real security. With her strategic therapy, great results are seen in a few sessions, unlike psychotherapy, which she is interminable. I have had sessions with Sara both in her office and via skype as I live abroad. Now I feel much better because she gave me the tools to manage myself better in life. I recommend Sara to all those who want to improve themselves in life and in their profession. You are a truly exquisite person. A true
“sorceress” of the psyche.

Dr. Panigalli helped me to deal with a moment of emergency with professionalism, attention and a lot of patience, She proved to be willing to accommodate even my moments of extra sitting need and flexible as regards the sessions. She accompanied me on this journey with extreme delicacy.

Fantastic professional… I solved my panic problem in a few meetings !!

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