I have been holding online sessions and courses since 2010, way before the current global situation became the reality we live today. Nowadays, distance is required by law, or conditioned by a personal concept of “prevention”, or preferred due to fear. These days, online sessions are not only a comfortable option, they are a necessity. I have personally always been fascinated by the possibility of reaching people in every part of the world through technology.

At first, my patients were Italians who moved abroad, or people with Italian origins who had been living abroad for a while, yet they felt the need to be assisted by someone who shared their culture and origin.

In time, I had a chance to assist people living in The Netherlands, Greece, USA, UK, Denmark, Spain. I missed the chance to assist someone in Japan, because this person got better before leaving for Japan.

In the past, Italians requesting my counseling through online sessions were physically distant, or they did not have the chance to move, due to small kids or elderly parents they needed to take care of. Others had physical ailments which made it impossible for them to move.

At times, the reason behind the request of online counseling was the phobia of getting out of the house. Online sessions were then just an initial approach, while working on feeling confident to meet in person. The first in-person meeting was then a success to celebrate!

Differences between online and in person sessions

During my years of practicing, I had a chance to note that on-line and in person sessions yield the same positive results. Many new patients come to my practice through word of mouth, after talking to people who have attended either online or in-person counseling. I would say online and in-person sessions are equally appreciated. I do favor in-person sessions, whenever possible, as direct human contact is ultimately more gratifying.
I have always taken good care of audio, video and connection quality, in order to give the most comfortable and professional service possible.

Procedure and duration

Consultations take place via video call, via Skype or WhatsApp (sessions last one hour).
For information on the various services, costs and payment methods, fill out the form on the contacts page or write on WhatsApp.

For on-line sessions with clients in English, I am assisted by a Healthcare Virtual Assistant who translates our conversations in real time. She is specifically trained in BST language and techniques, proper privacy practices, and HIPAA regulations.